Cash 4 Gold Review

The Gold Pack From Cash 4 Gold


What’s Included:-

  • Pre-Addressed USPS Envolope
  • Plastic Bag to Hold Items
  • Inventory Form
  • Welcome Letter

The Check They Sent



Full Review

We sent 0.8 grams of 14K gold and they sent back a letter saying that we had not filled in the information correctly as we had omitted a driver’s license number.

We had not omitted it, but we filled out the new form and resent it.

Three weeks later and we have not received any payment or communication from them.  Then, on May 23rd we eventually received a check for $4.17.

They had appraised the quality of the gold correctly but had weighed it at 0.5g instead of the 0.8g we weighed it at.

If you do a little research you will find that Cash 4 Gold, although they are the original company providing this service, have a very bad reputation and have been featured in many news stories – negatively.  One springs to mind where the value of the gold sent to them was over $350 dollars and they sent a check for under $70!  It sees like their business practice is to pay very low and them up the payment if the customer calls to complain.

I do not recommend using this company.


The Full Stats

Gold Pack Requested3/13/2013
Gold Pack Received3/23/2013
Gold Sent3/29/2013
Payment Received5/23/2013
Check Date5/13/23
Check Date Gold Price1436.60
Gold Weight0.8
Amount Paid$4.17
Amount Per Gram$5.21
Days To Pay53
Tested CorrectlyYes - but not weighed correctly
Free Insurance Amount$100
Guarantee Period10 Days
ID RequiredYes
Payment Options

Their Contact Information

Cash 4 Gold

PO Box 268090,
Weston, FL 33326